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Threehanded Game of Chess


It exists (at least theoretically) an important betterment on the gameplan's design: Please remember the folded up chess-cassette. Now take three of this kind, paint the squares on the first one red/green, on the second yellow/violet, and on the third blue/orange (the complement colors are the subtractive mixture of the opponent's colours simulteaneously) and setup the cassettes upright in an angel of 120 degrees to each other at the fourth rows (the hinges). Length the files with the factor 1.155 (= 2/sqt 3), therefore the boards look quadratically in the side-sight. If the boards are transparent and the squares only indicated by a coloured border, and if the pieces have the magnetic force, as I desribed in the last chapter, you get the STAR-III-COLOR-CHESS-DEVICE No.1, so the working-title of this object. From the top it looks a little like the logo of a big german car-manufacturer, but that didn't interrest them especially... The main advantage in opposite to the STAR-III-COLOR-CHESS-BOARDS is: If you put the device on a turnable plate, you recognize the three single positions at one sight, and you don't need to compose the complex event in your brain. The player on the move may turn the plate.


I produced a prototype from acryl, drilled holes through the squares and built double pieces with a plug in the middle. But the wooden plugs wear out at the acryl holes, and meanwhile the pieces follow the gravity in case of little shaking. The trial with real magnetic chessmen is weak-minded at all, because of the bifurcation in the middle of the device. One-armed people may play with the Star-III-COLOR-CHESS-device, too! By the way, the prototype (clock inclusive) was really expensive. I think the DEVICE No.1 seems to be unusable as a real game-object.

But there is one more betterment in the design! If you cut the files and turn them horizontally, you can put normal (coloured) chessmen on the indicated squares (which has not to be circular as the foto shows). Of course, this STAR-III-COLOR-CHESS-DEVICE No.2 is not cheep and needs accustoming, too. You need some practice to recognize the full character of a Star-III-COLOR-game.


This object now represents in a way the mathematical-physical solution of my problem - three half coloured chessboards, linked with a symmetrie-operation - actually very simple... It is remarkable, that the complete answer for threehanded chess is to find in three dimensions. I was taken aback when I found this: the threehanded chess is a kind of chess in space!

Even if you use the STAR-III-COLOR-CHESS-BOARDS to play, the imagination of the STAR-III-COLOR-CHESS-DEVICE in your mind will help you to analyse the game-positions better. There is less danger in mistaking king-side and queen-side. Now, because I know how the device looks like, I prefer playing with the boards. This seems to be the more traditional way of playing chess. What do you think about?

Of course you may build a threedimensional device for the triangle-variant, but that would be trivial, because you need double chessmen, too, like on the triangle boards, and so there is no additional visual use. Triangle-III-COLOR-chess seems to be a flat variant.

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