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Threehanded Game of Chess

Downloads and Home Mades

Here are the tinker sheets. In the download you will find three star-III-COLOR-chessboards as .gif, you can print out. Added there are all coloured chessmen as .gif, which fit to the boards in double solution. You can cut it off, glue them on a cardboard or some coins and laminate them to get a playable version for testing. The pieces have the right size to create diagrams.

Perhaps you know a joiner to build you three coloured chessboards (for privat use only). Here you have the model. Raw chessmen you can buy on the market or from the internet. Pay attention of the right size of the pieces you need for your board (square-width 25 mm -> king's size 47 mm, square-width 35 mm -> king's size 55 mm). If you dive your raw pieces in mordant and lacquer them limpidly, they look very nice. Glue a foot of felt on them.







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