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Threehanded Game of Chess

Selfpresentation and Thanks

Peter-René (Pimo) Töttger
Wellweg 21
D-31157 Sarstedt

thats me

Since january 17th 1959 I live on planet earth (and worry about because of insanity of mobility, unrestricted exploitation, wars and overpopulation). I am married with Petra and don't have a confession nor children. I am engineer for electrotechnics (and don't really know why I choosed this profession). But it was not without a reason at all. The imagination of three-phase-current and temple-type-transformator helped me a lot to find the answer of my problem with the threehanded game of chess. For some years I worked as a technical director and expert for safety at the children's hospital in Hannover. Since 2006 I work as a coaching teacher for maths and physics at the Studienkreis.

With some friends I often play guitar and sing. We call "buskin", play songs of Toto, Brian Adams, The Doobie Brothers, CSN&Y, Queen, John Mayer... just as a hobby. I write songs sometimes, but without management, studio, cd- and video-productions we will not become rockstars nowadays. Boygroups look different... But if you like to post or invite us for gigs, call me please.

My special passion is the game of chess, but I will not get the honour of a master player, too. Some years with the chess-teams of SK Hannover-Döhren and BSV Gleidingen stole my so much loved weekends. Indeed we climbed a higher league, but I have enough of chess-clubs meanwhile.

During many nights I played with my chess-partner Michael Sanockyj. It was him to inspire me for my 3-chess-problem involuntary many years ago. When we played a game of chess in his kitchen, the bell rang and Kalle Demuth came to visit us. "How do we play threehanded now?" asked Micha. And so it happened. This remarkable evening we played a quick chess tournament. I lost all games. My thoughts have been circling around the problem that accompanied my further life from now on. I was possessed by that. You can call me crazy: but sometimes it seemed to me the chessgame itself wanted to know how to be played threehanded.

Kalle had the idea to play a threehanded chessgame "in space". So I had one more problem: How to play chess (two- or threehanded) in 3 dimensions? For this puzzle I have found a solution, too, not the first one to this theme, but well playable and very attractive, because there are some 2-dimensional chessboard-games transposed into this cube of 4 cells edgewidth.

This website you can take as a testversion, because I look for some extensions. It would be nice to have playable programms for my discoveries in the download section. Or a data-base for played games, a forum, a play- and chatroom...

I'm just dreaming... but perhaps one of you readers like to realize my fantasies. I am very interested in the opinion of chessmasters and functionaries of the FIDE, too. If there is a producer for these game ideas, I hope we will make a big deal together.

So many friendly people helped me to find some secrets of this game, helped me to realize it or had some nice words for me. I want to thank you all from my heart:

Micha Sanockyj and Kalle Demuth first, my most loved chess-partners, who both died much too early,
my brother Oliver, master of bicycle, keyboard player, math- and physics-expert, I love you,
Wolfgang Reese, master of fotograph, house-builder, piano player, my best friend,
Thomas Quasthoff, (s. bass-bariton (the best one!), we have laughed so much!,
Werner Krause, (s. my ex-neighbour and singer/guitar player with my band "San Diego",
Torsten Berking, most frequently game-tester and long neighbour-friend,
Werner Rostalski, most critical game-tester and deap thinking philosoph in our circle,
Andreas Hunicke, always a great game-tester with a big treasure of experience,
Peter Fischer, I have to thank him for the highlander-rule...,
Andreas Berndt, every game was important, yet without knowing the rules and consequences...,
Arne Soltendiek, super rolegame-master und game-dealer (s.,
Heinz (Kater) Kunitschke, thanks for the inspiration of the triangle-variant,
Lutz Schröter und Uli Speer, the good ghosts with all computer-problems (s.,
Waltraut Anders for the great idea to the III-COLOR-device No 2,
Wolfgang Eppinger, singer/guitar player with "Songliner" and a really good friend! (s.,
Torsten Jürgens und Tom Cadera, my partners at the SpielArt GbR,
José Carrascosa has edited the first coloured rules of the game on a Atari-Computer,
Joiner-master Otto Tepper built the first wooden III-COLOR-CHESS-prototype,
Joiner-master Gottfried Jahn built the first mini series of III-COLOR-CHESS-boards,
Detlef (Quirl) Stahl has build the only existing III-COLOR-CHESS-clock,
Andreas Schrader built the first and only acryllparts for the III-COLOR-CHESS-device No.2,
Jochen Corts, the best game-editor in chess variants (s.,
Angela Schlegel for her wonderful christmas-story in the "Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung",
David B. Pritchard for taking my variants in his "Encyclopedia of Chess Variants"!,
Hans-Joachim Schneider und Friedrich Sebastian Lichtmannegger at the PBA Hannover for the HTML-lessons (s.,
Grandmaster Vlastimil Hort for his encouraging words at the Stuttgart fair,
the "Spiele-Autoren-Zunft" and its members (s. for so many good connections, conversations and exhibitions at fairs,
the hosts during my journeys to fairs and lectures for their hospitality,
the "Stier GmbH" and "Bohemia" for their supplies with cheap raw chessmen,
so many visitors at the fairs for their interrest, their amazed glances and reactions,
to those, I may have forgotten here...
Petra, my loved wife for her patience,
Liesel Vera, my loved mother for her open ears,
my grandpa Fritz Hartung, the best of all grandfathers, who educated me to play chess, when I was 7 years old. I dedicate this game to him!

... hearty thanks to all of you!

I do not have any influence on the content of the linked websites, so I do nor take guarantee nor liability for them.

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